Snebroer i Danmark

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Snow-bridges in Denmark

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* Brug på din mobiltelefon, så bruger vi din GPS position, til automatisk at finde den nærmeste snebro.

 It is the driver’s responsibility if snow and ice chunks fall from the vehicle

During the winter, drivers must pay extra attention to the roof of the vehicle where snow and sheets of ice can build up. If snow and ice become loose or fall while the vehicle is moving, this could entail severe consequences for vehicles behind the truck and cause an accident. To prevent such a situation from occurring, drivers are legally required to remove roof loads from their and makes sure the vehicle is in a responsible condition before starting a journey.

What is a “snow-bridge” – and why should you use it?

At some company premises or truck stops, high scaffolding, the so-called “snow-bridges”, is set up, which can easily be accessed by truck drivers. Drivers can climb the scaffolding and use a snow shovel, a broom or other similar tool to remove snow or ice from their vehicle roof. Standing on the scaffolding platform, drivers can work without the risk of slipping or falling from a great height.